My Life As a Freshman/Junior

January 28, 2009 at 9:10 pm (Uncategorized)

Students come in as a Freshman all the time when it comes to starting college. it’s the most exciting time of a person’s life. as for me- i was a little behind taking the first leep of faith to a university. this is my second semester here at OSU. don’t get me wrong, i love it, but it’s definitely been a huge adjustment. a person coming from highschool to a freshman already has a lot on their plate. now just think about a person coming in as a junior where people already have developed relationships, adjusted to the campus, the work, the atmosphere, and better yet- knows what their doing. yup- i’m the TOTAL opposite. it was definitely a completely new experience for me. luckily i have the BEST roommates ever who have helped me through some lonely times.

my sister has been going here ever since she has graduated from highschool coming in as a freshman, rushed, now a g phi! she’s got it going on when it comes to meeting new people and being “excepted” in this college life. so i mean, i did come up here a lot during the past years but never actually lived here. i never really knew what i wanted to do with my life until last summer, truthfully. i mean who does these days. i think it’s crazy when an 18 year old graduates from high school thinking they know EXACTLY what they want out of life- they barely can buy cigarettes legally. what the heck? ya know! anyways so i stuck at TCC for 2 years kind of playin’ the field of what-the- hell- i- want- to- do- with- my- life kind of attitude. My best friends and i ended up getting a house with 5 girls total. it was insane and probably the best times of my life. i wouldn’t trade it for anything. that’s for sure. but let’s just say school wasn’t on my to do list.

With that attitude floating around in my head, my job was like my number one priority.i have a bomb ass job back in Tulsa as a waitress at in the raw and actually got caught up in that scene for awhile. i miss it like crazy because i established such good relationshps with these new friends i had when all my other one’s left. i still talk to the ones who have stuck with me through thick and thin but for the most part i miss them like crazy- and the food.

And speaking of who i miss- i miss my best friends like crazy as well. ALL my friends decided to transfer to OU while i decided to venture out to OSU. it’s been fun, but i’m not going to lie, there’s been some hard nights. but who doesn’t have hard nights as a college student trying to find their road in life.

But now that i know what i want out of life, who my real friends are, and now feeling comfortable in my own skin, my new project is catching up with this college life you people are talking about. i feel like these blogs will be like my “venting” sessions of the life experiences i will go through for awhile. So for you all who read this feel free to fill me in with some new places i could venture out to or better yet- let’s be friends!


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  1. skylarlitton said,

    As your roommate, I feel that I deserve the right to leave your first comment = ) Transition’s are never easy, especially coming into a place where everyone has already formed “groups,” or’s kinda like high school all over again. I personally think you have done a good job at making a transition and if I didn’t know you, I don’t think I would ever be able to tell that this is your first year here. Sometimes it’s hard for people who have been at the same college the whole time, too.

    Most people aren’t able to stay in contact when they go to different schools or move to different areas. After high school it seems that everyone drifts apart. I’m jealous that you’ve been able to keep a close bond still with your best friends who don’t go here, I think I only have a couple of friends who don’t go to OSU who I still talk to on a regular basis, it’s hard and I think you’ve done well.

    I think your blog is good, I bet a lot of people will be able to relate.

    Much love sistaaa,

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