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April 20, 2009 at 6:19 pm (Uncategorized)

Hopefully after my group and I get this blog written, everyone will have a better understanding of how, when, and where to look for PR jobs. Our blog is due tonight, so everyone help us proofread it when we post it tonight for PROpenMic. I am really excited about looking into this subject on PR Firms. I haven’t really been looking, truthfully, so I’m glad I choose to be in this group because I can get points for learning! Anyone have any input to add to our blog feel free to add a comment into it tonight when we post it.


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  1. skylarlitton said,

    Thanks for posting that wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL post about the top places for PR. Sadly, i’m disappointed that Stillwater and Tulsa weren’t on there, now what? I was planning on living either in Stilly or Tulsa the rest of my life, but now this is obviously not the best place for PR….goodbye Oklahoma, hello California = )

    …Prob the most random post EVER, hope you like..

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